The Lemon Tree Farm began nearly sixty years ago in Herndon, Northumberland County.

It was founded by R. Dean and Shirley Lemon.

As a little boy, Dean played on the land he now farms. He vowed as a youngster, that when he grew-up, he would buy the property and raise Christmas Trees.

The couple purchased the 40-acres along the Susquehanna River with a twenty-five hundred dollar loan from a friend.  Together they cleared the land, planted the seedlings and began a business.

Both Dean and Shirley also worked as school teachers in Lancaster County. Their love for the Lemon Christmas Tree Farm is present in every tree they sell.


Here is a picture of R. Dean and Shirley Lemon who shared more than fifty years of marriage.   Shirley, a former teacher for the Warwick School District in Lititz, Lancaster County, passed away in December of 2013.

Dean is a former teacher in the Manheim Township School District in Neffsville, Lancaster County. He has continued on as a Christmas tree farmer.


There has always been a yellow lab at the farm… Guarding over the seedlings.


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